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A quick blog here just to let other studios/home recordists know that I decided to be an early Windows 10 adopter, and although it’s early days so far so good! Pro tools 11 is running very smoothly, and my Liquid mix 32 is running fine (still requires the same install procedure as per my Windows 8.1 install blog as far as I can tell.) If you’ve already installed a Liquid mix on W8.1 all you need to do is change your firewire card drivers back to the legacy ones through device manager. The upgrade procedure to W10 is great – everything you’ve installed on W8.1 or W7 will still be there, so you don’t need to reinstall programs/drivers or backup anything beforehand (although it’s always recommended, just in case!)

To any other early adopters – how are you getting on with W10? I’m loving it so far, it’s what 8.1 nearly was and what 8 should’ve been in my opinion!

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