Once you have made payment please upload your session files in .zip or .rar format using the Wetransfer form at the bottom of the page. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE UPLOADING.

Please make sure your project is finalised before sending it to us. Any changes to the recording whilst a mix or master is underway may result in you being charged extra!

Preparing your files for MIXING:

You’ll need to create ‘mix stems’ of your recording session. If you don’t know how to do this, here is a tutorial.

Please make sure you send us the MONO STEMS of your sessions – not your DAW project files, we need JUST the audio from your session (please ensure they all have the same start point so that they line up when imported into our DAW.) We do accept Pro Tools sessions provided you remove ALL PLUGINS (don’t just deactivate them, remove them completely), set ALL faders to ZERO, remove all buses/aux channels, remove any panning and CLEARLY label your tracks. Audio must be in WAV or AIFF format, and at least 16bit/44.1khz, although 24bit/48khz is preferable.

If your DAW supports OMF export of your session then we are happy for you to send us an OMF file (although please make sure you compress to a .ZIP or .RAR before sending.)

Preparing your files for MASTERING:

Once you have made payment please upload your stereo WAV or AIFF mixes using the Wetransfer form at the bottom of the page – or alternatively any other file hosting site of your choice. Audio must be in stereo WAV or AIFF format, and at least 16bit/44.1khz, although 24bit/48khz is preferable. 88.2khz, 96khz and above are accepted.



1) Leave your tracks unnamed. Please clearly label your tracks, or an extra £5 fee will be incurred. Keep the names simple – 10 characters or less preferably! IE a kick drum track should be named ‘kick drum’ – do not include the name of the song and other unnecessary information in the name of each track.

2) Give us stereo stems for mono tracks. All stems should be mono, as they are in your DAW. If you have any stereo tracks (ie a stereo output from a keyboard you recorded) then that’s fine, but please don’t send us bounced stereo stems of files that were recorded in mono (ie vocals.) Failure to do so will result in a £5 charge.

3) Leave FX eg reverb, delay etc on your tracks. If you have any specific needs FX wise (eg delay on vocals) let us know and we’ll add that for you. We cannot offer you the best results if you have masses of reverb printed to your tracks, we need to be able to control those levels. The only exception is if you have a very specific FX (eg electric guitar like ‘The Edge’ from U2) that can’t be replicated by us – otherwise you will be charged £5 extra. The same goes for any EQ, compression or other processing – please remove them. In other words, unless there is an effect that is integral to the arrangment of your song, please remove it.

4) Send us ‘hot’ tracks. You should NOT be recording or bouncing your tracks as loud as possible. For mixing to work optimally we need HEADROOM – please ensure your tracks are hitting somewhere around -15 to -10 decibels (dBFS) on your metering in your DAW, before sending them to us, otherwise you will be charged £5 extra.

Any questions or trouble with uploading? Please email contact@mixitstudios.co.uk

Extra charges are at our discretion and we will contact you if there are problems with your files. If we feel you have not complied with the above, then we reserve the right to invoice you for the amounts stated to cover the extra time we will have to spend on your project.

PLEASE NOTE: We do allow you to post a data DVD of your audio files to us – if that is your preference then please email us for our postage address. Be sure to double check your DVD before posting, and please bear in mind your order may take up to an extra 5 working days!

Upload to Wetransfer (2gb max):