We offer professional quality cheap online song mixing for £45 ($73) per mix. Here’s what you get for your money:

* A Fully mixed and referenced track/song using Pro tools 10, Focusrite AD/DA, Alesis monitoring and plugins from Waves, Massey, PSP, Soundtoys, Bombfactory and more.

* Tailored to meet your needs – you can tell us any specifics you want (ie delay on vocals, how you want volume levels to be etc) and we will take this into account when mixing your song. Equally you can leave it totally up to us – we are happy to work whichever way suits you best!

* 1 FREE revision of your mix. You should provide us with as much detail as possible to begin with, so we can get the creative aspects of the song’s mix how you want, but we appreciate that often you need to hear a mix in context before you know how you want it to sound, and that’s okay! We will do one revision for you for FREE, after which we charge a rate of £5 per revision. However we will always strive to bring you a mix you are 100% happy with before that point, and will only start making further revisions at your request if it’s absolutely necessary. For full pricing and instructions on how to send files please visit our shop. Questions? View our FAQ before emailing us.

* Up to 25 stems covered in the base (£35) price – for every 5 extra stems thereafter there is an extra £5 charge.

To order cheap online song mixing services from us, please head over to our online shop. For any mixing related enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@mixitstudios.co.uk