We understand in todays market, for many independent artists it is simply not cost-effective to pay for expensive online cd/song mastering, especially when releasing free promotional songs or regular download singles. Due to this many artists will often attempt their own DIY ‘mastering’, which often gives less than satisfactory results. At Mix it! Studios we have decided to step in and offer a cheap online mastering service. If your main concern is simply to bring the gain and dynamics of your material up to a radio friendly standard, then look no further. We offer software based cheap online cd quality mastering that will bring up the overall volume of your tracks, tame the dynamic range whilst giving different frequency bands more punch and feel, and add enhanced stereo separation and imaging, as well as any necessary equalisation. Our standard rate for our cheap online mastering service is £20 ($31) per track. We cater for ALL genres.

We must stress, if you have the budget it is worth spending as much as your budget allows, as mastering is an important stage of the record & song making process. Our service is not a substitute for going to a dedicated mastering studio, merely a cheaper alternative. If you don’t have the budget, but still need to bring your productions up to a commercial standard, then our service is for you! We firmly believe despite our low prices we can offer you an extremely competitive level of quality for your projects.

To order cheap online mastering services from us, please head over to our online shop. For any online mastering related enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@mixitstudios.co.uk

For full pricing and instructions on how to send files please visit our shop. Questions? View our FAQ before emailing us.