Mixing and mastering FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long will my mixing and/or mastering take?

A: Turnaround time can vary, but generally mixing takes 1-2 days per song, and mastering up to a day per song. If we’re mixing an album for you it will take around 1 week depending on how many tracks you have, and an EP will be around 3-4 days. If we’re mastering an album for you it will generally take 2-3 days, and an EP will be around 1-2 days.

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: We have a full pricing list on our shop page, but our base prices are £45 ($73) for mixing, and £20 ($31) for mastering. Base mixing prices cover songs under 10 minutes long and with 25 parts (stems) or less.

Q: How long do you keep files for?

A: We keep your mix/master sessions for up to a month after you receive your final mix/master. If you’d like us to keep hold of your sessions for longer, ie if you think you’ll want revisions at a later date, or just simply want a backup in another location, we offer file storage from £1 per month, £5 for 6 months and £10 for 12 months. Get in touch at contact@mixitstudios.co.uk

Q: Will you do a test mix/master for me?

A: In short, *no* we *don’t* offer free mixing samples, due to the time it takes to mix a song. We will do mastering samples if you’re looking to work on a large project (ie an album) as mastering takes considerably less time than mixing and so we can work any test sessions around our paying clients.

Please understand that to offer you even a portion of your song mixed and/or mastered takes just as long as working on the whole track. We can’t just do a quick job of it either, as that would then not give you a clear idea of what a proper mix/master would sound like.

Q: My track is only 2 minutes long, can I get mixing/mastering cheaper?

A: Unfortunately song length really has no bearing on how long it takes to finish a mix/master. It will still require the same amount of processing and careful listening. The only exception is when tracks are over 10 minutes – we charge an extra £5, as songs of this length usually have a lot going on in the arrangement and therefore require more work.

Other than that, pricing is based upon how many tracks (ie stems) are within your project.

Q: What are your prices in ‘X’ currency?

A: We are a UK based company and therefore our prices are in pounds. It’s the same as if you go to a UK or American online shop – you pay in their currency and Paypal/your debit card etc will convert the currency. As UK and American customers are our most common clients we do list dollar prices, but these are merely based on Google’s currency converter. Please, if you need to find out prices in your currency, use Google’s currency converter (just search for something like ‘£30 in $’ and it will tell you) – rather than emailing us. We gets *lots* of emails every day and it saves everyone’s time if you can convert prices yourself – instead of emailing us, having us use Google currency converter and waiting for us to give you a response. Seems kind of silly doesn’t it?

Q: I have an album or large project I want mixing/mastering – can you offer me a deal?

A: If you look in our shop we offer discounts for larger projects. Beyond this, our prices are as is – we charge what we charge because we need to. We have wages to pay and studio running costs to cover. We believe our service standard to be exemplary, and we’ve no doubt you’ll not be disappointed – you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Just read our testimonials to see how happy our clients are with our work. Please do not email for ‘special discounts’ etc as these requests will be ignored.

Q: Do you offer other services besides mixing and mastering?

A: Yes we do! We offer a range of services, including audio editing, podcast editing, pitch correction, timing correction, sample replacement, audio restoration/noise removal, video editing, sound design and more! Please see our pricing list for our full range of services. Get in touch via contact@mixitstudios.co.uk if you have something specific you want to discuss.

Q: I’m confused – how can I reach you directly?

A: If you feel you can’t find your answer here or elsewhere on the site, you can get in touch with us directly at contact@mixitstudios.co.uk and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response (we generally endeavour to respond in less than 12 hours.)