ASUS Z87-K Intel i7 4770 3.4ghz PC w/16gb RAM, Nvidia GTX 760
Focusrite Saffire Liquid 56 audio interface
Alesis Monitor One MKII passive reference monitors
Focusrite Liquid Mix 32
Icon Digital Qcon control surfaces w/motorised faders
Various reference speakers
Sennheiser HD25 headphones
ART Pro MPA II valve preamp
Bass V-amp Pro
Novation Impulse 61


Pro Tools 11


BF Pultec EQP-1A, EQH-2, MEQ-5
Nomad Factory Pulsetec EQ’s
Waves Renaissance EQ
Focusrite Liquid mix EQ’s
Digidesign EQ3
SPL Free Ranger
J1000 PQ33
J1000 MQ55
AIR Enhancer, Lo-Fi & KillEQ
TDR Slick EQ
BT Analog Trackbox

Waves Renaissance Compressor
Waves Renaissance Axx
Waves Renaissance Vox
Digidesign Smack!
OneKnob Pumper

Izoptope Ozone 5
Slate FG-X
Focusrite Liquid mix compressors
Maxim Limiter
Sound Toys Devil Loc
Bomb factory BF76
Digidesign comp/limiter 3
Density MKII
Nasty VCS

Channel strips, saturation & analog emulations:

Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox
Kramer Master Tape
Massey Tape Head
Waves Renaissance Channel
Sansamp PSA-1
Softube Saturation Knob

Waves Renaissance De-esser
Digidesign de-esser

Waves Renaissance Reverb
Waves IR-L Reverb
Lexicon MPX reverb bundle
PSP Piano Verb
DUY Z-Room
AIR Reverb, Spring Reverb & Nonlinear Reverb
Nasty DLA
Epic Verb

Little Primaltap, Little Radiator
Nomad FX bundle
Digidesign chorus and delays
DelayIR multi-delay
AIR Chorus, Ensemble, MultiChorus, Phaser, Flanger, Distortion, FuzzWah, Dynamic Delay, Multi-Delay
AIR Talkbox, Vintage Filter, Filter Gate, Freq. Shifter

Pitch correction:
Waves Tune LT

Virtual Instruments:
Alicia’s Keys
UVI Mello
Steven Slate Drums 4.0 Platinum
Miroslav Philharmonik CE
Amplitube 3
BFD Eco + expansions
Tea Towel Drums
BigMono drums
EZ drummer lite
AudioThing Toy Piano
+ a variety of softsynths & custom samples

Waves Renaissance Bass
BF Essential bundle
Bark of Dog
Flux Bitter Sweet V2 & v3
AIR StereoWidth
TL Auto Pan, Vari-fi
Blue Cat Patchworks
Defacer, Transient