Hi everyone,

After much deliberation I’ve decided to raise the price of our base mixing rate by a small amount. Whilst our service remains an online, unattended one, I’m increasingly finding customers don’t want to just send a track to me and leave me to my own devices – they want to get involved via email correspondence, and really work with me on the mix in order to achieve their vision. I welcome this way of working, as I find it very satisfying working in a more collaborative manner, but it does mean that each mixing session is taking up a lot more of my studio time, due to the increased mixing time (it’s common that I’ll get very specific mix notes that require a lot of attention to detail), extra revisions, higher track counts, and longer email correspondence.

For these reasons, coupled with the expense of running this business, I’ve decided it’s in mine and my customers best interests to increase my base mixing rate from £35 to £45. I thought about it carefully and this way I can continue to offer the same level of quality, professional sounding mixes – the last thing I would want to do is compromise on that.

I have increased the maximum amount of tracks/stems included in the base rate, so for £45 you are now covered for up to 25 mix stems (with every 5 stems thereafter being an extra £5 still.)

For my ongoing repeat clients I will be offering their next mix at the old price – I’ll be sending out an email to notify those people.

Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with so far – your custom is and always will be valued highly – and for those who have yet to order from us, I look forward to working with you soon!

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