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A quick blog here just to let other studios/home recordists know that I decided to be an early Windows 10 adopter, and although it’s early days so far so good! Pro tools 11 is running very smoothly, and my Liquid mix 32 is running fine (still requires the same install procedure as per my Windows 8.1 install blog as far as I can tell.) If you’ve already installed a Liquid mix on W8.1 all you need to do is change your firewire card drivers back to the legacy ones through device manager. The upgrade procedure to W10 is great – everything you’ve installed on W8.1 or W7 will still be there, so you don’t need to reinstall programs/drivers or backup anything beforehand (although it’s always recommended, just in case!)

To any other early adopters – how are you getting on with W10? I’m loving it so far, it’s what 8.1 nearly was and what 8 should’ve been in my opinion!

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Hi all,

Hope you’re all having a great start to your new year! I’m now back from my holidays, so I’m back in the studio and working on some new projects. I look forward to working with many of you over the course of this year on some great mixes and masters! I’m also planning to update this website very soon, spruce it up a bit and aim to try and make more use of this blog – we have lots of great stuff going off in the studio that I’d really like to share with you all, so perhaps some photo and video blogging is in order somewhere down the line! I’m also looking forward to making more additions to the studio this year – last we had loads of great additions, including two BCF2000 control surfaces for Pro Tools, a Focusrite Liquid mix 32, and a whole host of new plugins. Just before Christmas in fact I bought Steven Slate Drums 4.0 Platinum, which I’ve had my eye on for some time, so it was great to finally get my hands on it!

Speak soon,
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Hi everyone,

For anyone visiting the site and anyone interested in our services, the studio will be closed from the 24th December 2014 – 12th January 2015. During this time I will not be available to respond to any queries via email, and any orders will not be processed until the studio opens again on Jan 12th. Any orders placed during this time can be refunded if necessary, although refunds may not be able to be processed whilst the studio is closed.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an equally great New Year!
Best wishes,
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Hey everyone,

I recently bought a Liquid mix 32 for very cheap on ebay on a whim – as a discontinued product that’s 8 years old I figured it may not work anymore so I took a chance on it. I can happily confirm it works on 64bit Windows 8.1 with the latest version of Pro Tools 11. It’s a little tricky to get working and there’s no info online, so I thought I’d make a quick guide for anyone attempting to get it to work on a modern computer. The unit sounds fantastic and is well worth the hassle!

This may work on Mac, and I have a Macbook air I intend to try it on, but this guide is primarily aimed at Windows PC users using Pro Tools.

What you’ll need:

1. A computer (obviously) – for reference I’m running an ASUS Z87-K, 16gb ram, Windows 8.1, NVidia GTX 760, 128gb system SSD and a bunch of larger HDD’s for files and such.

2.A TI chipset firewire card– some TI chips are better than others apparently, my card chipset is TSB43AB23, which is working well, so I recommend this one.

3. If you have a firewire interface (I have the Liquid Saffire 56) you’ll need to run this on a separate firewire card as the Liquid mix will not work otherwise (you’ll get dropouts as it’s a FW bus hog)

4. Any firewire cable will work for the LM, I use a cheap ebay one. You do not need the power supply for the LM.

5. Windows 8.1 with the latest updates and Pro Tools 11 with the latest updates.

6. Bluecats Patchwork – this plugin enables you to run VST plugins in Pro Tools. It’s an awesome, affordable plugin that is worth having anyway, but it will allow you to use the Liquid mix VST in PT.

7. Liquid Mix software version 3.0 with all the emulation files.

8. A copy of jBridge – this will bridge the 32-bit Liquid mix VST to 64 bit so you can use it with Bluecats Patchwork. You can use the demo to try it out, but it’s under £20 to buy so it’s very affordable to purchase.jBridge ( for Windows ) | J’s stuff

Here’s how to install the Liquid mix:

1. Run the LM installer. Do not connect your LM at this point. When the installer asks you to connect your LM, open task manager and close the LM installer.

2. Open your ‘charms’ menu in W8.1 by hovering your cursor in the right hand corner of your screen. Go to settings > change PC settings > update and recovery > recovery > advanced startup > restart now. Your PC will restart and you’ll be given a list of options. Choose the one that disables driver signing. Your PC will reboot with driver signing disabled.

3. Go to My Computer > C:/ Program files (x86) > Focusrite Liquid Mix > driver – you’ll see a file in that folder called ‘lm1394.cat’ (if windows is hiding your file extensions then look for the lm1394 file that is labelled as a security catalouge, or go to view > show file name extensions)

4. right click on ‘lm1394.cat’ and select install. This will install the driver for your LM – it’s an unsigned driver that won’t install unless you install it manually this way.

5. You now need to change your firewire card the LM is running on to use legacy firewire drivers. Windows 8.1 doesn’t come with these so you need to manually download them. Go to Download Update for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB2970191) from Official Microsoft Download Center

6. Once downloaded run the installer. After that go to C:\Program Files\1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)\x64_driver and right click on Legacy1394.inf and select install.

7. now go to device manager and find your firewire card. It will be under ‘IEEE 1394 host controllers’. Right click on your firewire card and select ‘update driver software > browse my computer for driver software > let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. You should see a list of drivers, select that one that says ‘(Legacy)’ at the end of it.

8. Your Liquid mix is now installed and running! Run the LM software and it will connect the hardware controller – the default options (32 tracks, 512 buffer) should be fine but if you need to later on you can play around with these.

9. Now to get it running in Pro Tools! Install Bluecats Patchwork and jBridge. Run jBridge.

10. in jBridge, choose the ‘I’ll be using a 64 bit host’ option. Hit the first button below the checkboxes to locate the LM VST’s. They’ll be in C:/Program Files (x84) > Steinberg > VST Plugins > Focusrite. Select the ‘Focusrite’ folder. Then hit the bottom button in jBridge to choose a separate folder to save the bridged VST’s to.

11. Load up Pro Tools 11 and add Bluecat’s Patchwork as an insert on a track. Go to ‘Load VST’ and locate your bridged LM mono vst. When the LM vst loads up you’ll see the jBridge logo at the bottom of the plugin window. Next to that is a settings button. Click it and you’ll see a window appear with lots of checkboxes. Check the box that says ‘Run in existing auxhost’ – then restart the LM plugin. Do the same for the stereo LM vst. This is a vital step as otherwise you’ll only be able to load one instance of the LM plugin, and the LM hardware will disconnect if you try to run another instance.

12. That’s it! Enjoy your Liquid mix One thing to note is that only the first instance of the plugin that you load can be controlled by the software – every other instance can only be controlled by the hardware. If you try to change parameters via the plugin window PT will throw up CPU errors. It’s an odd bug but entirely workable, plus it’s more run to use the hardware controller anyway

I hope this helps some people! I had to figure this all out by myself, so hopefully this will save others trying to get it working in Win8/PT11 some time Any questions give me a shout and I’ll try to help!

Hi everyone,

After much deliberation I’ve decided to raise the price of our base mixing rate by a small amount. Whilst our service remains an online, unattended one, I’m increasingly finding customers don’t want to just send a track to me and leave me to my own devices – they want to get involved via email correspondence, and really work with me on the mix in order to achieve their vision. I welcome this way of working, as I find it very satisfying working in a more collaborative manner, but it does mean that each mixing session is taking up a lot more of my studio time, due to the increased mixing time (it’s common that I’ll get very specific mix notes that require a lot of attention to detail), extra revisions, higher track counts, and longer email correspondence.

For these reasons, coupled with the expense of running this business, I’ve decided it’s in mine and my customers best interests to increase my base mixing rate from £35 to £45. I thought about it carefully and this way I can continue to offer the same level of quality, professional sounding mixes – the last thing I would want to do is compromise on that.

I have increased the maximum amount of tracks/stems included in the base rate, so for £45 you are now covered for up to 25 mix stems (with every 5 stems thereafter being an extra £5 still.)

For my ongoing repeat clients I will be offering their next mix at the old price – I’ll be sending out an email to notify those people.

Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with so far – your custom is and always will be valued highly – and for those who have yet to order from us, I look forward to working with you soon!

Mix it! Studios

Welcome to Mix it! Studios. We’re currently in the process of re-inventing our website to make it easier and faster than ever before to get your music professionally mixed and mastered. In the meantime you can still order with us by contacting us via contact@mixitstudios.co.uk or by visiting the old site at http://www.mixitstudios.co.uk/oldsite

A question for you all – do you think it would be better for us to have ‘before and after’ – type examples on our website, or do you think just the finished mixed/mastered examples are enough? Personally I never find it that helpful to hear ‘before’ examples because the obvious increase in volume mixing and/or mastering will give makes it hard to objectively hear the full benefits. We could volume match but that would then make it an unrealistic comparison. Thoughts?

Give us a shout on here, via email (contact@mixitstudios.co.uk), Facebook or Twitter!

As well as improving our portfolio we’d also like to improve our audio player if possible, update our promo video, and listen to your feedback regarding the website in general. We are determined to make Mix it! Studios the best, cheapest and most professional mixing and mastering service online!

After a long debate we have made the decision to update our current pricing. Due to increased business costs this has meant a minor increase to some of our services, including our base mixing and mastering rates. You can find our fully updated pricing list here:

Mix it! Studios pricing list

Mixing starts from just £30 a mix and mastering from £20 a master.

As ever we remain committed to bringing you the cheapest, quickest and most professional online mixing and mastering service on the internet. Check out our customer testimonials to see for yourself.

Get in touch today if you have a project you’d like to work with us on, and we can give you a fully customized quote.

All the best,
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Hi everyone,
Here’s some news from Nottingham (UK) based folk/singer songwriter Will Jeffery regarding his new EP (which we mastered for him):

Will Jeffery’s 2nd EP “Dead Butterflies” is released this Friday 9th March and to coincide with this AMAZING release, Will Jeffery is having a launch party at the Jam Café Notts.

Please come along and show your support for Will and his band and listen to the great support acts also playing on the night. For more information on Will please visit his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/willjefferymusician

Cecille Grey


Timothy J Simpson


You can also purchase a copy of the EP on the night.

This is a fantastic EP from a very talented singer songwriter and here at Mix it! Studios we wish Will the best of luck with his new release.

If you are a singer songwriter (or any other type of artist too) and you’re looking to have your latest project mixed or mastered get in touch today at contact(at)mixitstudios.co.uk for a quote – or alternatively you can order direct online through our shop page on our main website.

Here at Mix it! Studios we offer the best and most affordable cheap online mixing and mastering services! You can order direct from our site using our base prices, or if your project is more involved you can always get in touch at contact(at)mixitstudios.co.uk to have your questions answered or for a custom quote.

Today we received a CD from another client – Nottingham based pop/r’n’b singer songwriter Danny Patrick sent us a copy of his brand new EP ‘Body Rock’, which we mixed and mastered 3 of the 6 tracks for. Looking and sounding great Danny!

Danny Patrick's new EP 'Body Rock'

– Marc, Mix it! Studios.