Welcome to Mix it! Studios – the home of cheap online mixing and mastering services. We offer professional results without burning a hole in your pocket! From £45 ($73) a mix and £20 ($31) a master.

We offer professional mixing & mastering, as well as the following:

* Audio editing and restoration (for spoken word, podcasts, radio adverts etc)
* Sample/sound replacement & midi editing
* Vocal tuning/pitch correction, take comping and more!

– see our services/pricing list for more information. For details on how our service works check and how prepare/send files, please view our instructions. Questions? Check our FAQ before emailing us.

We keep our prices cheap by performing our online song mixing and CD mastering ‘in the box’ – by staying within the computer and eliminating expensive outboard hardware we can offer you great cheap song mixes and CD masters without charging you a small fortune! We know there are many budget conscious musicians out there, and our goal is to cater for this market. By offering ‘unattended’ online song mixing and mastering sessions we also save you cash as we can make our workload more time and cost effective.

We use some of the very best software on the market today – we have a fully equipped Pro Tools 10/11 based studio using Focusrite AD/DA. We have a full plugin suite from some of the industries best developers, including Waves, Izotope, Steven Slate, Native Instruments, PSP, Massey, Soundtoys, Digidesign and more. Full equipment information can be found on the ‘equipment‘ page. For pricing information and ordering instructions see our ‘shop‘ page.

Mix it! Studios is home to experienced freelance sound engineer Marc Reeves. Marc runs Mix it! Studios, mixing and mastering records for artists worldwide, whilst also working as a freelance and in house live sound engineer (for DHP group, home to some of the UK’s most prestigious music venues.) He has over 6 years experience working in his field, utilising his wealth of knowledge and well trained ears to mix and master your records to the high quality you would expect from any professional studio.

Check out our audio examples under the ‘examples‘ tab to hear some of our previous work. For pricing and how to send files please visit our shop.